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  The Triggs family moved to Hoylake around c1900 and have become established as one of the 'old' families in the town. We have been fishing the local waters and foreshores for generations, there are still Triggs' going to sea daily to make a living in the fishing industry. Though as each generation arrives fewer are going into the business as it is becoming harder and harder to scratch a living. When my Grandfathers generation reached the age of 9 years they were pulled out of school to work the family boats.  
  It is for this reason those who lost an eductation made absolutely sure that their children were encouraged to learn and get a better start in life. It did not matter how much schooling or further education we each received though, the sea is in our blood and we have all done our 'time' over the shore. It is a great way to get to know your extended family, working in a family industry. I think of 2nd cousins and in some cases 2nd-once-removed as first cousins as I have spent so much time with them.  
  The links below will take you to photographs and information about the Triggs family and the local fishing which we participated in. A message to any family members who are veiwing, if you have any old photographs scanned in can you post them to me for inclusion in these pages.  
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    old family photographs   new family photographs